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What's your mission? A picture is worth a thousand words.

When I contemplate on my mission, the image that comes to mind is someone adding yeast to a dough to make a soft rich fluffy cake. 

At first face it might not have much in common with my background but it is a metaphor that fits my professional mission. The mission I've set for myself is to provide consultancy services for business leaders, in order to empower them to create valuable products whilst adding meaning to people's lives. 

I feel inspired by this metaphor because it describes my aim of contributing to a world where more people are trying to make a bigger pie. In this world entrepreneurship is not a zero sum game but rather a way of bringing the best in everyone and getting more through collaborative relationships (disruptive innovations create new markets). 

The image of a fluffy pastry also brings to my mind an organisational environment based on emotional safety, engagement and collaboration; by contrast, companies where objectives are unengaging and teams are not united by a common purpose are likely to give a feeling of tense, stiff environment. You know ....much like hard rock stale bread.

The image of cooking also reminds me about the good feelings that we get when we make something with our own hands. There is added value in that experience. In fact, the future I aim for is one where more are empowered through collaborative relationships to use their passions to create value. 

Not lastly, when cooking your result will depend a lot not just on putting the right ingredients but also on when and how you use them. In a similar way, the outcome that a company achieves will depend not only on the resources available but also on the skill with which these are used. 

Metaphors are powerful. Have you find the one that describes your vision and mission? Great leaders, disruptive innovators are good storytellers 

Disruptive success starts with a clear vision and mission and we can leverage more of our resources if we use more than straightforward words.

If you feel unsure about what these mean for you reach out

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