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As a business or an individual, you will never grow unless you are willing to change. We are just here to make change easier for you and put you in greater control of your results.

With our training we add to your flexibility so that you can easily breakthrough to whatever was limiting your results. Whereas below we provide an indication of what can be done, the base for bespoke training solutions is built upon meeting with you and discovering your needs.

We are convinced that NLP tools are versatile and highly adaptable to any business…so much so that we provide a money-back GUARANTEE!

A View


NLP goes beyond “traditional” sales training by including (among others) techniques for discovering WHAT the clients are really saying, HOW are they taking their buying decisions, WHAT their real objections or  HOW to convey your message so that it lands with a given client.

You will learn:

  • how to LISTEN and read into what the clients are saying consciously and unconsciously

  • how to SPEAK your client’s language

  • how to relate to clients easily, including when reaching them on phone

  • how to gain their interest and overcome their objections

  • how some language structures can increase your efficiency while some syntaxes are only likely to work against you (spoiler alert: some are routinely used)

  • how to get over fears and beliefs that affect your results – are you getting nervous ahead meetings, do you think of yourself as being bad at phone sells etc?

  • a step-by-step process that simplifies and adds clarity to the process

  • how to recognize the noteworthy difference in clients's profiles and approach them in a way that is meaningful for them

Wild Path


We are now working is a fast paced business world which makes management equally challenging and valuable. Do your results fail short of financial targets? Do you feel over-helmed? Do you feel like you are over-managing or micro-managing? Do you feel like your team is misunderstanding you or not listening? Does it feel like you are stuck? Would you like to have more efficient ways of handling objections or/and excuses?

Use the NLP techniques to expand your skills these and also to potentiate the skills you already have. Among the things you can learn with NLP are:

  • How to take control of your mind state and be in the right mind state

  • The diligence you have to take in setting objectives and how this is best being done

  • How to listen to your team members and adapt your language so that you can be heard

  • How to increase your team’s motivation

  • A new way of communicating which will bring with it more efficiency, less aversion, more implication and appreciation from team members

  • How to provide feedback

Team Talk


Communication is anything but a straightforward process and in business this can be costly. People are different in so many ways and for getting your message across you have to be able to adapt it consciously to your interlocutor’s clues, the most important of which are often non-verbal. Equally important is being flexible in the way you deliver it and being in a confident state.

We can share with you:

  • how to listen and what to look for while your interlocutor is speaking

  • how to adapt your language

  • how to increase your persuasion

  • the types of words and syntaxes that are processed by our unconscious mind

  • how the words  you are using can jeopardise your intentions

  • how to quickly bond with those you are speaking to

  • how to use words to make big changes in short time

  • tips for being in the right “mood” when communicating



NLP can be a game changer for a company’s HR management as it will lead to more effective recruitment and staff engagement.

  • Learn about meta models and their importance in profiling candidates

  • Find out how to read the non-verbal clues of your employees or interviewees

  • Learn how to adapt your language to match your interlocutor’s mind language

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