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I provide training, coaching and consultancy for leaders in order for them to use their unconscious and conscious resources in realizing their most daring ambitions.

I am Raluca Filip and I bring together my expertise in financial analysis and risk management experience with my knowledge of the human mind works to give access to specific tools for problem solving, increased creativity, state management and not only. These in turn enable leaders and their companies to make better decisions and see leap efficiency gains.

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Find what really motivates you and where you really want to go so that you. For organisations I focus on validating that its vision and its mission are set with intent and that objectives are well aligned. 
I am a partner for companies and teams that want to take decisions with an easy heart and execute them with determination.


On the Climbing Wall

Learn tools and techniques that give you access to all your inner resources.

What is more, you will move towards your objectives with more ease by understanding how to harvest the support you need. 

But is not only about learning. With my training you shift your beliefs and mindset in ways that allow you to use the learnings and put them to work easily and congruently. 



Are you  looking to  value your company or to buy into another company or project and you are faced with a critical question: "how much is it worth it?"

Do you have an investment in mind and want to make an informed decision?

Are you unsure how your company's value would be impacted by the various financing options available?

Let an expert solve the riddles for you and you can then decide with easiness.



We work to identify the current state of your organisation, what works and what derails its efforts of achieving objectives in order to provide specific recommendations.

Depending on the specific case and scope I integrate my knowledge of finance, risk management, human behaviour and human mind. 

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The company was started by Raluca Filip, a financial professional (CFA Chartholder and certified Professional Risk Manager ) who found in NLP both a new passion and a relief from growth stumbles.  

About my experience

My VISION is that one day unconscious resources will be transformed in personal power so that each of us realizes his/her potential. My MISSION is to facilitate this by providing training, consultancy and coaching to leaders in order to enable more conscious decision making and quantum leaps in results.

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