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What is different about my approach?

I am Raluca Filip and I combine financial expertise, risk management experience and Neuro Linguistic Programming in a way that recognizes that financial and non-financial factors are  all critical for long term success.

Whilst reckoning that data and analysis is  rich in useful info for any management team, I empower them to also account for what is driving those numbers...PEOPLE. 

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Growth Execution coaching

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As a certified financial analyst, risk manager and NLP Practitioner I bridge the gap between the financial projections and the changes required within the organisation to ensure successful implementation. 

In a nutshell, I work with goal setters to find growth opportunities and I team up with the goal getters to ensure they are prepared to get there. 

Business Valuation and financial modeling


Are you  looking to  value your company or to buy into another company or project and you are faced with a critical question: "how much is it worth it?"

Do you have an investment in mind and want to make an informed decision?

Are you unsure how your company's value would be impacted by the various financing options available?

Let an expert solve the riddles for you and you can then decide with easiness.


About By Choice Consultancy

The company was started by Raluca Filip, a financial professional (CFA Chartholder and certified Professional Risk Manager ) who found in NLP both a new passion and a relief from growth stumbles.  

About my experience

VISION: a world where all companies understand that entrepreneurship is not a zero sum game and they work towards establishing win-win relationships with all stakeholders. This involves empowering people, being driven by a mission meaningful to society, supporting people in finding their mission and in embracing their values.

Our MISSION is to promote leadership that is based on win-win relationships, empowering people to find their purpose and creating value with less resources by realizing the potential of collective intelligence. BY CHOICE Consultancy  empowers clients (individuals or businesses) to broaden their options, to approach opportunities well prepared and to build meaningful relationships

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