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Afraid of the unknown?

I am not afraid of the things I know I don't know.

I used to be.

Sometimes it even made me resist taking decisions.

I used to spent endless time researching to find out as much as possible about what I knew I don't know. So much that my decisions/actions were sometimes too late.

Things changed when I understood a few things:

↪What we know we don't know becomes a risk that we can manage;

↪The real worrisome risks are the things we don't know we don't know;

↪if we want to research we should hence be more preocupied about identifying thinks we didn't know we don't know;

↪for others it helps to surround ourselves with people that have the appropriate knowledge.

↪The quality of a decision is not given by the quantity of info analysed; it comes from the way the info available is analysed.

What's your approach and your experience?

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