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❓Do you want to join me on a challenge?

(I had set this for myself too cause I find it healthy to do so often enough)

✅The challenge is simple: change your opinion about something.

Except it's not that simple in practice.🤭

The change can be about a topic you are debating with someone else or simply an opinion you've held for some time.

🔦How do I go about it:

📌First the mindset: I am adopting a curious attitude and I remind myself about the importance of having a flexible mind

📌Then I start "trying on" different opinions. If these are brought about by others I am putting myself in their shoes. Sometimes I even make a step ...literally nudge my mind to step outside my bubble for a bit.

❗I ask myself:

↪What would have to happen for my preferred opinion to be false?

↪What would have to happen for the alternative to be right?

↪What do I need to believe in order for the alternative to be right? What kind of person do I need to be?

❓Why do I do it?

👉To loosen my resistance, open my mind, train my flexibility, build better decision making skills.

👉Because we are prone to confirmation bias and recent studies have shown that we are literally blinded when faced with info that contradicts our beliefs. By the way, do not try to change your mind by searching on Internet for arguments pro and contra.

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