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Change lover=risk managemer

Early in my career I was convinced that investments is where I will make a career. I was wrong.

I like analysing, putting pieces together, learning about different sectors etc and it seemed like a fairly varied job.

However in the first part of my career I changed quite frequently employers. When I was asked about my motivation for changing jobs I was wholeheartedly saying that I want to build skills in all areas that are meaningful for investment management: macroeconomics, portfolio management, emerging market analysis.

It was a honest reply and it wasn't correct.

I wasn't conscious back then that I have a strong need for changes.

It's not JUST that I don't like routine. It's that I have a sorting for difference metaprogram.

Huh you say?

That means that I am unsconsiously looking for how things are different. I filter my experiences by looking first for deviations. When I cannot find (enough) I will unsconsiously be motivated to seek them...hence the job rotation.

So it's no accident that I've settled down for a number of years when I landed myself a job as risk manager. Risk management fitted my profile because with this meta programme I have a "talent" for seeing where things go wrong. It also provided me the level of variety I was unsconsiously aiming for.

All these happened without me actually realising the real causes.

It was only when I dived into NLP that I put the pieces together.

I also gained another understanding: there are no bad or good mental filters; sure some might serve us better in certain contexts and some other in other situations and that is different from saying that they are good or bad.

Another important learning? We can flex our minds to become more balanced or even work to change our metaprogram if it's not useful for us.

Did I do anything about mine? Well yes...I did realise that I was too much of a difference seeker and this made me the naysayer. You know the type..the mismatcher that always gets on your nerves with their "but".

Tap into what unsconsiously influences your decisions

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