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Do you manage this risk?

There is a risk which is too often underestimated or missunderstood and with a tight labour market is getting worse. I am referring here to lack of employment engagement.

People who are there to "just do a job" without actually carrying much about what is being done and how is being done can create risks or oversee obvious risks.

You might have seen these:

👉Those who just follow some procedures mechanically and can't see issues due to bugs, loopholes or others even when they should be obvious.

👉Those who do don't bother to communicate developments that can reasonably be considered meaningful by other departments/colleagues because it's not specifically mentioned in the job description

👉Those who don't take action when is not strictly speaking their role

❗The end result can be operational risk events, business plans that fail (execution risk) and reputation risk amongst others.

It is up to the company to manage these by engaging their teams:

👉Recruit people with a real interest in the role;

👉Make sure their job feels meaningful no matter what it is about; help them understand how it fits in the grand scheme of things;

👉Create a safe environment where they are encouraged to speak their mind with judgement;

👉Foster effective feedback (like anything that has to do with communication this is not a one-size fits all approach);

👉Put your values to action and connect these to your team's values

Risk management starts with corporate culture. Do you agree?

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