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I was disappointed to find that books have limitations.

📚I love reading and I long thought that this is good for relaxing, learning new things and self-development.

I was disappointed to realise that they however have limited role in expanding what we do and how we do things.🤦‍♂️

I used to think that if you get the right books you get the right skills which you can then put to practice. 😒

I was wrong. 🙄

Having the knowledge or technical capabilities is not enough to enable us to put these to use. 🤕

Whether we use what we learn or not and how we use what we learn depends on our beliefs and the way we perceive ourselves.

To take an easy example we can read all we can about decision making and fail to put our learnings to practice because these are not aligned with our values, unsconsious beliefs or our identity.

And don't get me started on leadership books. 🙄

✨The solution? ✨

📌When you do learn new skills ask yourself what kind of person do you need to be to use them.

↪Look for examples in your past when you were this kind of person.

↪Imagine how it is to be this kind of persons.

↪Write affirmations to this effect

📌Think about the beliefs that you need to start putting your new learnings to practice. Take small steps towards building this identity/beliefs. Every tiny success will reinforce your new belief.

📌Look for those who can support you and those who already do this.

📌Choose courses that focus not only on technical content but provide you the context for building the beliefs you need. Maybe the success stories shared by others are enough for you; maybe you need a course that includes something else to help you gain self-confidence: exam, follow-ups, coaching, case studies etc or maybe you look for a trainer that knows how to support your inner transformation.

📌Remember the similar experiences you might have had in the past: what else was new skill and you mastered in practice?

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