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When not to aim for perfection?

A small weekend teaser: what situations can you think of when perfect can be the enemy of good?

Thinking about #business life, a few examples that come to mind are:

1. Product development - hence the advent of the minimum viable product as a way of early idea validation.

2. Putting time in preparing presentations when discussion can take place without them or by using flipchart, sticky notes etc.

3. Deferring sales meetings because business cards, presentation maps etc are not ready.

4. Waiting for the perfect match when recruiting or looking for partners rather than seeking to manage the differences and bridge the gap.

5. Deferring decision making because one would like to check just one more thing? (Not that you didn't check many already)

6. Excessively reviewing a report so much so that by the time is officially completed the team is tired of it or its relevance for decision making has diminished

What other examples can you share? I personally experienced most of the above and others. It's worthwhile challenging our #decisions by routinely reminding ourselves what are we trying to #achieve and looking for alternatives. Companies are looking to become #lean, #agile etc and yet sometimes it's easy to overlook the simple things in every day work.

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