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Succcess beyond performance for C-level leaders

Uncertainty is the name of the game in business and technical background is not enough for playing this game. 
Even experience can turn out to be your best friend or your worst enemy.
What really helps one to become comfortable with uncertainty and take the best decisions is to gain the power to manage biases, understand emotions and tap into intuition. 

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You are a top manager who feels like something has to change; you either feel overwhelmed or have a nagging feeling that something is not right. 

You have big objectives but feeling conflicted about how best to share your time and how to cope with everything (without micromanaging). 

It seems like rationalizing everything is a time intensive and resource draining process that doesn't always bear the confidence you are looking for


In practice you will gain the power of:

  • tapping into your intuition

  • use with intent your unconscious problem solving

  • increased concentration, memory and learning skills

  • use your heart's intelligence

  • knowing what really motivates you

  • managing and controlling stress and your state

  • adopting objectives that REALLY have meaning for you

  • recognizing what wastes your energy and what brings it up

  • facing obstacles and challenges with more flexibility


You know your values and have the clarity that allows you to pursue objectives with confidence by tapping into multiple forms of intelligence.

You are always feeling energised because you act with the certainty of being on the right mission and pursuing this wholeheartedly. 

You take time to recharge and connect to yourself and this makes you feel free and in control.  

In a nutshell, you feel good and motivated about what you do and find ever more efficient ways of doing it.


One-to-one , personalized sessions

Mix of coaching and consultancy

Why coaching?

Cause I don't have the right answers for you or our organisation. I will instead provide you with a hard-tested framework to enable you to find the right answers.

Why consultancy?

You excel in your profession and you are good at setting up strategies. What you can add to these are tools and techniques that you will use when you need to fire up  your strategy implementation and remove execution risks. 


An online workshop or webinar to further boost your game

Choose one of the following valuable experiences for you and fellow leaders.

  1. Conscious Risk Taking - There are things we cannot measure nor manage till we become conscious of them. Learn about unconscious decision strategies, mental filters and how stress can impact our willingness to take risk

  2. Change management - framework for quantum leap when even small steps seem difficult

  3. Performance assessment - no matter how good or bad results were, empower yourself to understand the process beyond numbers and draw actionable conclusions


Money back guarantee 

The programme is guaranteed to be a life changing experience that will put you on path to achieve your objectives in new ways. You should have the experience of quantum leaps after our programme is completed and if you are disappointed by results I stand ready to refund you in full.

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What next? Let's meet!

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I empower financial leaders to embrace change within the sector by finding their mission and enacting it with confidence and balance


I am Raluca Filip, a financial professional (CFA Chartholder and certified Professional Risk Manager) who discovered  in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) a wide range of tools for increasing business results.

I believe that even in Finance, the total is greater than the sum of parts and sustainable growth comes from pursuing one's vision, working with a team that is united by the same mission and creating value for customers.  ​

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