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The Undisruptable Financial Leader

Succcess beyond performance for C-level financial leaders

Discover those goals that make a difference for yourself, your team and your organisation in this rapidly changing industry and set up for successfully meeting them.

Limited Offer-Undisruptable Financial Leadership: Services
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You will become used with:

  • analyzing results from an enriched perspective

  • understanding correlations and causation between behaviors and numbers

  • controlling and adapting your mental models to get the results you want

  • optimizing your efforts for a balanced life and better performance

  • leading with confidence and calm whilst gaining stronger relationships

  • questioning consensus in an empowering way

  • reducing blaming in your work environment and life


10 sessions/6 weeks

Mix of coaching and consultancy

Why coaching?

Cause I don't have the right answers for you or our organisation. I will instead provide you with a hard-tested framework to enable you to find the right answers.

Why consultancy?

You excel in your profession and you are good at setting up strategies. What you can add to these are tools and techniques that you will use when you need to fire up  your strategy implementation and remove execution risks. 


An online workshop or webinar to further boost your game

Choose one of the following valuable experiences for you and fellow leaders.

  1. Conscious Risk Taking - There are things we can measure nor manage till we become conscious of them. Learn about unconscious decision strategies, mental filters and how stress can impact our willingness to take risk

  2. Change management - framework for quantum leap when even small steps seem difficult

  3. Performance assessment - no matter how good or bad results were, empower yourself to understand the process beyond numbers and draw actionable conclusions


Only for onboarding completed this month: EUR1 000

Money back guarrantee 

Undeniable value
The only chance to embark on this experience this year and the guarantee that you will feel undisruptable this year-end

Limited Offer-Undisruptable Financial Leadership: Projects