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Business valuation and financial modeling

With my expertise in financial projections and corporate finance I am  a partner for those looking for valuation services, a comprehensive investment memorandum or a persuasive teaser.


I also work with those faced with different growth scenarios  and financing options to take an informed decision. Consult me if you are aiming to time and size your investments and asset sales so as to maximize your business' value. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking to attract invetsors. How can you help us?

We will work you with you to identify the right investor profile and more than anything, to meet them prepared. Professionally prepared teasers and investment memorandum will be critical for your success.

My company is struggling and is considering different options. Can you help us in deciding what is best of us?

Financial modelling allows one to quantify the effects of various scenarios such as financing options, split of or consolidation, strategic partners etc

How do I know that BY CHOICE Consultancy is the right consulting company for me?

The Company was started by Raluca Filip, CFA, PRM who has worked in various areas within the financial industry and has taken various roles,  including research analyst, equity analyst, financial consultant, economist, investment manager and risk manager. This has given me the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects including valuation of listed companies, private entities and IPOs, financial modelling for start-up companies, financial modelling for financing decisions, country profiles, macro profiles, market outlooks etc 

I have uncovered my interest in valuation ever since I was a student and, as happens whenever one finds a passion, I could do nothing else than work on enhancing my skills. 

Financial modeling: FAQ
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