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This is for your team if you see value in any of these:

  • escaping bias

  • gaining discipline in analysing what really drove results 

  • becoming less infatuated by successes and less defensive when faced with failures

  • managing egos

  • enabling to tap into intuition purposefully 

  • creating a positively charged working environment

  • harnessing collective intelligence

  • facilitating divergence of opinion 

  • removing the risk of acting on strong emotions

  • reducing multi tasking 

  • removing blame

  • increasing accountability 

  • achieving significant staff engagement


Management consultancy is very much focused on taking an external party's view point to observe what can be changed for the better.

Consultancy involves a fair amount of number digging and comes with certain action points but these are all agreed at C-level from which point it depends on the organisation how and what it communicates to the various departments or team members. 

However, implementation is where the biggest struggle is because:

  • team members perceive change differently and only by starting from understanding these unconscious perceptions we can engage them to accept change;

  • motivation drivers can vary widely across team members;

  • even when team members understand what is required they might fail to act upon it because of unsconsious drivers

Coaching is different in that it provides ways of enabling change, empowering teams to become conscious of unconscious drivers to be able to manage them. 

You cannot manage what you don't measure they say. Profiling meta programs, decision strategies, values etc are ways through which we measure unconscious drivers to be able to manage them and change them as needed to better serve us. 


We start by identifying:

  • the pain points

  • the stumbling blocks in executing your objectives

  • the unconscious decisions strategies

  • the differences between team members and what these mean for your team

  • how emotions impact decision making, working environment and well-being 

We then focus on:

  • empowering your team to harness their collective intelligence

  • adopting decision strategies that are effective 

  • bridging the differences between members to use them for the better

  • training around bias management 

  • achieving emotional intelligence to remove stress and gain the power to tap into intuition

  •  increasing awareness around unconscious resources and ways of accessing them purposefully. 

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