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Are you properly managing this risk?

There is a risk management measure that is often underestimated.

It can be employed by anyone.

It can equally become a cause for risk events because it is neglected.

Unfortunately the later is quite often observed.

COMMUNICATION is a risk treatment not mentioned in classic risk management books.

Meanwhile Flawed communication is a risk in itself.

It is yet another reason for which I see risk management in a company (I.e. real life) as being a holistic process. Beyond quantitative metrics, limits, models or quantitative measures, risk management also requires conscious decision making processes and good communication.

It requires self consciousness, discipline in managing our biases and tools that help us communicate effectively. For me the common denominator for all these has been understanding our brain's ways and how language is a two-way road; language can reveal how we are processing information and it empowers us to control this.

How do you evaluate your team's skills in this respect? Do you want to get better at this?

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