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Brave the red market

Seeing the markets these days is not just challenging...🤕

It brings to mind how for years, when seeing good returns I used to treat them as something I've realised. 🙃

When, in turn, markets were defeating my expectations I used to shrag off any responsibility; the markets are down; there's a lot of volatility these days etc😳

Sounds familiar I'm sure.🙃 This type of behaviour it's so prevalent that it has earn itself a name: self-serving bias.

❗We attribute the results that we want to our behaviours and those that we are uncomfortable with to external behaviours/factors.

😒This also means that we fail to draw the right conclusions from our past decisions.

We fail to improve the decision-making process and even repeat mistakes that we've done in the past.

🤫Even if I know about this faulty way of thinking I still find myself thinking this way.

😏I am however conscious of the bias as work and learned to see beyond it. At first it was a rather uncomfortable process...over time it became both comforting and reliefing. I find comfort in the things that I lean from my mistakes and my fortunes. I find relief in recognising the emotions and body reactions that these experiences have triggered inside me. We cannot manage what we don't acknowledge.

❓What are your saying to yourself when markets defeat your expectations?

❓ How do you manage yourself to be able to manage monies?

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