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You've been through this..

I am checking my phone for news more often.

I found it hard to fall a sleep at night even though I didn't get enough sleep the night before.

I have a bad sensation in my stomach.

I am craving for quiet time even more than usually.

I am not my usual self when it comes to organising my time...not keen on getting things done, hardly in the mood to do anything, finding excuses to interrupt myself.

My mind is constantly "playing" with scenarios of how things could change from here.

I am watching my baby sleeping cuddled in my arms and something moved inside heart felt anxious as I was thinking of the suffering in Ukraine.

My patience seems to be in short supply.

Probably many of you share at least some of my experiences.

It is human to feel frustrated, anxious, nervous etc and it is important to be in control of our mindstate to take care of ourselves and take the best decisions for us and those around us.

Even if our main aim becomes helping those in need we can be equally careful to help ourselves.

So when I observed the above I knew it's time to put to work what I know about human mind. SHARING here are a few tips:

❗DO NOT TAKE DECISIONS BASED ON GUT FEELINGS ALONE. In times like this the emotional overload can lead us to confund emotions and biases for intuition.

Listen to your body. Acknowledge the way your feelings translate into somatic sensations:

✅What are the body signals you observe?

✅How would you describe them as accurately as possible?

✅Can you allow them?

✅Can you accept them?

✅What sounds can you associate to them?

✅What images do they bring to mind?

✅What movements would you link to them?

✅Take your time to just experience. Explore.

✅Breath consciously.

Use your imagination to bring in calming energy.

❗Now seek to understand what is that sensation true meaning.

Find time to do something that relaxes you.

Be mindful of your selftalk. Control its tone and content.

Be conscious of your mental images.

Stop checking news immediately before sleep.

Look for reasons to laugh for a few minutes.

❗Focus on what you can do.

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